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Toni evans - Kirstyn Halborg - Kirsten Halbor

Performer AKA     Kristen, Kerstin, Kristin Churcher, Kerstyn, Lulu Lamborghini, Kirstyn, Kirsten Churcher, Toni Evans, Kirstyn London
Birthday    November 05, 1972
Astrology    Scorpio
Birthplace    Wales, United Kingdom
Years Active    1995-2010 (Started around 23 years old)
Ethnicity    Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage    Welsh
Hair Color    Blond
Measurements    36G-26-36
Height    5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight    169 lbs (77 kg)
Tattoos    No data
Non-Ear Piercings    No data
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Website    No data

Name: Kirsten Halborg

Cup size: 44F

Aliases: Kirstyn Churcher, Kirsten Halborg, Kirstyn Halborg, Kristen, Lu Lu Lamborghini, Toni Evans, Belinda (Fiona Cooper), Cristine London, Janet Tennant-Smythe, Kirsten, Kirsten Churcher, Kirstyn London, Kirstyn McLeary, Kristen Churcher, Kristyn Halburg, Lulu Lamborghini, Petula Pearl, Toni Evans

Birthdate: 1972

Categories: Blonde  BBW  Milf  F Cup  Naturals 

Kirsten was brought up as a Jehova Witness and for 21 years she followed the religion. She says she lost faith in people and the JW's loss was our gain. We can thank Linsey Dawn Mckenzie for discovering this horny babe. She walked up to Kirsten in 1996 and handed her a couple of business cards. Rachel lost one and used the other - her first job posing topless for a UK newspaper. She wasn't known as Kirsten then though - she began her career as Toni Evans, a brunette. She's been credited as Kirstyn Churcher, Kirstyn Halborg, Lu Lu Lamborghini, Toni Evans, Cristine London, Janet Tennant-Smythe, Kirsten Churcher, Kirstyn London, Kirstyn McLeary, Kristen Churcher, Kristyn Halburg, Lulu Lamborghini and Petula Pearl thru the years.

Around 2000, she retired from making her hardcore flicks and began her own modeling agency called Kool Klass in London. The business was short lived and rumors floated around that it was just a thinly veiled prostitution scheme where the models did got 'private' jobs and the producers forgot to bring their cameras.

Kirsten was married to porn star Omar and was living in Essex at some point. I'm not sure if she is still married.

In February 2007 Kirsten resurfaced on a site called Busty Britain looking a bit plumper with absolutely amazing huge tits.

Toni Evans is a adult model and porn star from the United Kingdom. She modeled for big breast men's magazines and did porn films from 1996 to 2002. She recently reappeared as a porn star in 2007 with a bit more flesh on her body. She has had a very prolific career. She is known for her thick body and willingness to perform any sexual act for the cameras including anal sex.


Toni was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness and for 21 years she followed the religion. She says she lost faith in people. Linsey Dawn McKenzie apparently discovered her in 1996. She walked up to Toni and handed her a couple of business cards. Toni lost one and used the other - her first job posing topless for a UK newspaper.


Toni took to the adult industry very fast and made many videos and magazines appearances through the years. She began her career as Toni Evans, a brunette. She's been credited as Kirstyn Churcher, Kirstyn Halborg, Lu Lu Lamborghini, Toni Evans. Around 2000, she retired from making her hardcore flicks and began her own modeling agency called Kool Klass in London. The business was short lived and rumors floated around that it was just a thinly veiled prostitution scheme where the models got 'private' jobs and the producers forgot to bring their cameras.

Currently Toni is going by the name Kirsten Halborg and is promoting a topless/bottomless dance club in Birmingham, UK called Legs 11 and a modeling and porn star casting agency called Photogirlsxxx.

In February 2007 Toni resurfaced looking a bit plumper. She also just appeared in Voluptuous XL Girls #158 in a hardcore scene.

Kirsten, who had entered the big tits porn world as Toni Evans in 1996 after being discovered by none other than boobs sensation Lindsey Dawn McKenzie and subsequently went on to make innumerable hardcore films and magazine appearances only to vanish completely from the scene in 2002, has recently come out of retirement bigger and healthier than ever much to the enjoyment of big breast lovers everywhere.  An update for those of you who didn’t know her back then, Kirsten started as Toni Evans way back in 1998 with Score.

First off, we wanted to make sure that this is up to date for all boob fanatics and lovers, and not just those whose requirements are inclined toward the more voluptuous woman, got word that Ms. Halborg is back in the big boobs business. Secondly, we just updated a delightful section of hardcore photos from the lovely Kirsten for post in our photos section.

Although I realize that some of you might be a bit less that happy that Kirsten put on a bit of weight during her five-year break from the biz, we think she looks more spectacular than ever and ever worthy of mention amongst her big boobed sisters of sex. The rest seems to have done her good as well, as her fucking is truly out of this world!!

Around 2000, she took a short break from making her hardcore flicks and began her own modeling agency called “Kool Klass” in London. The business was short lived (maybe 14 months or so) and rumors floated around that it was just a thinly veiled prostitution scheme where the models had access to 'private' jobs and the producers forgot to bring their cameras.  As with any source within this industry to be fair about 50% of the time these beliefs by some are nothing more than fiction, although no rebuttals were offered on behalf of these statements.

Kirsten was married to porn star Omar and was living in Essex during this point in her life.  Little update has been given as to her marital status to current date, as with local records have shown no records of divorce only a recent property held by both in the rural welsh counties.

Her choice to make her comeback was met with little resistance of course her adoring fans yearn for yet more scenes showing off this lovely welsh milf masterpiece.

Both being all pros in the business, Kirst and I go way back. So an a sunny summer morning I look up a trip out to Kirsten’s stylish bungalow locked away in the Essex countryside, and, over a massive exotic fruit fan the pair of us stuffed our faces and get down to a little girl talk. I kicked of by asking Kirsten about her religious upbringing.

Kirsten: I was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness for twenty one years and I really believed in it, then something happened to make me stop. I wasn’t that I lost faith. I just lost trust in people.

Linzi: So you didn’t celebrate Christmas at all when you growing up?

Kirsten: No Christmas! No Birthday! No Nothing!

Linzi: Does your family know you’re involved in the wonderful world of porno-land?

Kirsten: They know what I’ve done and what I do now. They don’t agree with what I do. We’re on speaking terms now which is much better than it used to be.

Linzi: So, how did a Jehovah’s Witness from Swensea get into the adult movies business?

Kirsten: This is probably a well known story this. I was in Stringfellows and Linzi Dawn McKenzie came up to me gave me two business cards. One was John Graham’s and one was David Sullivan’s. I called David Sullivan because I lost the other card. I did my first shoot with Danny Mayor and somewhere along the line I got asked to go to the Belgium sex-fair. That’s how it happened that I got involved in the adult filming business.

Linzi: first job you did was glamour set for a men’s magazine then?

Kirsten: I don’t even think it was anything that glamorous to tell you to truth. I think was a normal topless shoot for “The Sport “newspaper. I hated posing those photos.

Linzi: So you weren’t like I’ve got a magnificent pair of boobs and I’m going to show them.

Kirsten: No! I was exactly the opposite I have even been thinking of having boob reduction and then moving to London was something that changed things.

Linzi: When you did the first modeling job you were still living Swansea then?

Kirsten: I’d come up to London to stay with some friends and it just went from there. I don’t know, the more I stayed in London the more wild I become. The more eccentric I become. The more outgoing become. I wasn’t like one of these girls who’d be going round flashing my tits everywhere, but I would always wear the most provocative, the most see-through outfit I could get away with.

Linzi: So tell me about you first shagging experience on camera

Kirsten: It was for Eddie Lipstick the Belgian producer that I met at the sex-fair. It was in Northampton of all places! A horrendous experience! Turned up at the train station in these thigh length block boots and little jacket and this punk comes and picks me up. He’s got earrings right round his ears and I’m thinking “Oh my god! I’m about to get murdered” I get put in this van that just about made it out of the train station and turn up and walk in to this room with three of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen and I’m thinking they’re actors! They are all talking foreign and I’m just stood there with bear welling in my eyes. And then they go: “Go, you go, go!” then I think they don’t even want me! That’s it. I’m too fat. I’m too this. Complete insecurity! Then I get taken to this hotel with punk guy and I’m like hiding behind him with that out pops Pascal, Philippe Soine and all these other young guys and I’m like “Phew!”. But as regards to my first scene. I want full anxiety, but I ended up and getting shagged senseless by Philippe Soine had a fantastic time.

Linzi: Do you think you got into business because heard of anal sex? Had no idea what a D.P. was. When I was asked to do it, it was like “No, No!” Then two weeks down the line it was like: “I’ll have a go!”

Linzi: Did you find making movies a turn on?

Kirsten: To me the biggest kick was getting in there and getting all glam med up, getting on set and getting shagged. Not thinking at the camera. Now looking back if I’d had thought too much about the camera I probably would never have done it.

Linzi: What sex act on camera was the biggest turn on for you?

Kirsten: D.P.’s. It’s true. Because you just get triple orgasms all the time. It really is amazing. Do you know, I say this to any woman hand on heart you’ve got to do it? You’ve just got to do it once in your life so you know.

Linzi: Do you still indulge with your very well-hung hubby Omar and another?

Kirsten: God I wish! Omar is very much husband to wife. But when I was in the business it’s great if you get the right combination of guys. But they have to know what they’re doing.

Linzi: Is anal sex something you are still really into since discovering it in the movies?

Kirsten: To tell you the truth on film if it’s really done properly with the right person, it’s fantastic and I think it is in life as well. But English people seem so reserved about and anal sex because they don’t understand it and don’t understand how to do it, and I think like is in general it is all to do with your mind. Sex is all about mind games anyway. If you are shagging and thinking about jam butties on the job you aren’t going to enjoy it anyway, but if you are thinking about enjoying yourself and losing yourself in really outrageous, dirty sex then it’s definitely going to happen. Not only that I think that’s when your fantasies come into play.

Linzi: What are your fantasies?

Kirsten: God! I wish I knew. When am I going to get my next D.P. I am a very voyeuristic person and a lot of my fantasies are voyeuristic.

Linzi: What’s the best fuck you ever had on film?

Kirsten: It would have to be a scene I did with the Hungarian guy Ferenc. I did a scene with him and the Swedish beauty girl. She’s really beautiful, I can’t remember her name, but we did this big boob movie about real boobs and fake boobs and I got into major trouble for that. I think the scene went on for about four hours and we just didn’t want to stop fucking. With Ferenc there was this kind of magnetism between us. So many times we were supposed to be working together and through certain circumstances it never came up, so it was like we finally got our scene together and it was fantastic.

Linzi: Are you into girls?

Kirsten: Not really, well I tell a lie. I’m into girls as in I’m fascinated by women as a whole as a sexuality because I think there are no limits to a woman’s sexuality. Every woman is different. Every pussy, every set of boobs, and every face is totally different. I’m not into women in a sexual way but to sexually admire them, yes definitely. I’m not interested in doing scenes with other woman, but I do love watching them having sex.

Linzi: What’s to rudest thing you were ever asked to do in a movie?

Kirsten: I did a double anal!

Linzi: How was it?

Kirsten: Well I wouldn’t say it was pleasurable, put it that way. I did it because somebody said to me “You’d never do it Kirst!” and I went “Yes I would!” I ended up doing it for a Patrick Colling series “The Double Anal Club”. But no offense it’ much easier for the twig let girls”, but with me it’s hard because I can’t bend into the positions my boobs just get in the way. It’s not as though I can just fling them over my shoulders and get them out of the way! Having two dicks up your bum you have to bend your body in certain ways to get your bum in a certain position.

Linzi: So it took some time getting two dicks up your jacksy ?

Kirsten: We must have tried filthy different positions I swear to God! I was working with Ferenc and Mihi - two of the best guys in the business – so we got there in the end and did a great scene.

Linzi: Where’s the most outrageous you’ve ever had sex?

Kirsten: I remember. Flipping ‘ek- ‘ I nearly killed myself it was for a movie I shot in Ibiza and we had to walk down a cliff face. It was beautiful you could see from the rocks which are all jagged, and I had to lie on get shagged! I get cut to ribbons and then afterwards we had to jump in the sea and swim around the coast to the beach to get back up. It was for a German company and I was working with Kareem. He’s a good laugh and a good fuck, But…!

Linzi: Was this perhaps about the time you decided to call it a day with movies?

Kirstin: No! But to tell you the truth I did one of my last movies in Ibiza and I just decided I wasn’t having fulfillment with it anymore, I’m one of these people it’s all or nothing. Whatever I do I give it my all. If I can’t then I won’t do it.

Linzi: You’re married to Omar a porno producer/performer who’s known for having an enormous chopper. Do you think dick size is important ?

Kirsten: No, Not at all. I really, Really don’t. Look at Ferenc for example.

Linzi: Don’t you think you get spoiled in this business. I’ve seen Ferenc’s tackle and he’s got to have a good nine inches there and to most people that’s fucking enormous!

Kirsten: I suppose you’re right. Look at boobs. I went to Mexico with Kelly Stafford recently and Kelly isn’t exactly small-boobed and like everybody is looking at us. Everybody else went topless we didn’t.

Linzi: With you and Kelly on holiday, topless or not everybody is going to look at you!

Kirsten: Do you know what’s funny when I was a teenager I used to run for Wales!

Linzi: Talking of boobs when did yours first develop ?

Kirsten: I literally woke up one day and had Double D’s. At the age of nine I was in a B cup bra. I came in for such stick at school I got beaten up and everything. But back to dick size. It is hard when you are in this business because normal people don’t fuck like us, don’t talk like us, don’t act like us. Our whole lives are completely, different.

Linzi: You are on set shagging days are behind you for the time being, but how do you handle the fact that your man fucks other girls on film?

Kirsten: To tell you the truth, work I have no problem with. Does that make sense? You know like when you have met the girl you understand she just doing it for work as well. But I do have one hate about Omar doing and that’s pussy-licking. I have a major thing about it because it’s so personal and I know how much he likes doing it!

Linzi: I know you used to travel to the sex fairs all over the world. Was it like wild after show sex parties every night?

Kirsten: Yeah, and the one that everyone still goes on about was in Barcelona.

Linzi: Was it same mass orgy of porno stars or something?

Kirsten: It was and I filmed it. I was the good one. I just took all the sperm in the face and all over my tits! Hand on heart, if I’d have captured it, it would have been best seller. I forgot to push this one button on the camera and it come out all crackly. Everyone was there Rheinhard, Kareem, John, Stagliano, Mihi, Ferenc, Valentino and loads of my English girls; Lisa Stretton , Geraldine, Vanessa B, Donna Warner. There were about twenty five of us and it was like the most amazing sex party. What happened was we all got up on the stage to dance at the awards festival and then I said to everybody; “ Let’s just go back and party”

Linzi: Talking of outrageous sex I know you provided all the female talent for the best selling movie “Rocco more Than Ever”. Tell me about it, but don’t mention to pig!

Kirsten: I was crazy! The end scene is basically when I kill Rocco. I chop off his dick with scissors. To tell you the truth I think he got a bit worried because I’m one of these people, when I get in character I get a bit crazy. Do you know I didn’t earn a penny off that movie, but it was one of my favorites because I got the better of Rocco. Apart from the scene when I was in the stocks and flipping David Perry whipped my tits. That was not nice at all, but he was getting his own back because the day before I’d whipped him in another scene. But it just shows there is a side to this business where it is real fun. That movie was especially good because a lot of people in that movie did lot of things where they really let all their inhibitions go, and we had a great time.

Linzi: What do you like best about this business?

Kirsten: That everyday is different and you never know what’s going to happen next.

Linzi: Do you think you’ll ever make a comeback?

Kirsten: I’ve been asked to do my own series several times and if I had the right deal. I’d seriously consider it. But first I have to lose three stone.

Linzi: So what are you up at the moment?

Kirsten: Aside from a possible series, I’ve got a lot of projects in the pipeline. We’ve just launched “Legs 11” on the Internet. It’s a glamour agency with new porn stars and because there are a lot of English people out there that are so fascinated by the industry we’ve decided to launch an agency where amateurs can see the girls on the web and actually book them just like the professionals. I got a brilliant new British guy called Ben English and as usual I’m on the hunt for a new British girl to make a porn star.

Linzi: What first gave you the idea to start a model agency?

Kirsten: Probably because although there are other glamour agencies in Britain, I think my own personal experiences and my knock of finding good girls would may it work.

Linzi: Kirsten I’ve always wondered where do you find these gorgeous eighteen year old rovers that are prepared to travel the world and get vigorously shagged up.

Kirsten: Everywhere. I was in the hairdressers the other day and I got three new girls.

Linzi: What do you say to them?

Kirsten: I usually say; “Do you fancy earring some extra cash?” and then I asked them if they’ve got a boy friend. Boyfriends are usually trouble. I usually say: ”Are you into fun and Are you open-minded?” Open minded is the key word I find! I know from experience if they’re cute, open-minded and have got a sense of humor that’s a great combination to make a top porno star!

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